Pokemon Peach and Lime

Pokemon Peach and Lime

Download Pre-Patched Pokemon Peach and Lime GBA ROM Hack

  • Author: PL Project
  • Version: 
  • Hack of: Emerald
  • Release Date: Soon
  • Language: English

Pokemon Peach and Lime are upcoming GBA Rom Hacks by PL Project based on Pokemon Emerald in English. There is currently no set release date, but it is expected to be available soon. Follow the game’s official Twitter for the latest information.


Welcome to the Celto Region, the setting for Pokémon Peach and Lime, which was inspired by Ireland! Our ROM hack tries to capture and mimic a familiar yet unique Gen 3 experience. You will travel through Celto, completing the gym challenge, meeting various personalities, and experiencing all four seasons along the way. Some will assist you in your trip, while others may obstruct your way to the top!

However, trouble seems to be brewing in the background. A villainous team is aiming to ruin the gym challenge, but what exactly is their goal? Every trainer has ambitions and desires, but failure and despair are also common in Pokemon.

So what are you waiting for? Celto is waiting for you, so pack your luggage and prepare to embark on a new adventure!


Pokemon Peach and Lime GBA

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  • Project Directors: Alpha Remaster, Oom
  • Music/SFX: Alpha Remaster(Lead), Crystal VGM, Oom, Mudstep, Pokestir, DuckinButtKicker, CD Player, Kosmid, DrakeSycamore
  • Graphics/Designing: Oom(Lead), DuckinButtKicker, TabletPillow, Tetra, Dunk, C2H4, Kwenio, Cynda, Farore, Timeless Shrine, Ekat
  • Programming: ShinyDragonHunter(Lead), Mudstep, JaceCear, Tetra, CD Player, Mixone
  • Scripting: Alpha Remaster, CD Player, Mudstep, Oom, MelonSpeedruns, SourApple, Mixone
  • Writing: Alpha Remaster, Oom, CD Player, Mudstep
  • Maps: Alpha Remaster, Tetra, Pokestir, Oom, Mudstep
  • Project Illustration: Oom, Hyo
  • Special Thanks to Pret for the Pokeemerald Decompilation and RHH for the Expansion.