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  • Author: LarkyLovesYou
  • Version: 0.1.1 (Beta)
  • Updated: February 6, 2024

Pokemon Lark is an RPGXP FanGame by LarkyLovesYou made using RPG Maker XP & Pokemon Essentials in English. And it is now available to download. It was last updated on February 6, 2024.

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Author Note

This game is aimed to seem more like a personal trip than a grueling task, so it’s intended for less competitive players (or those who simply need to slow down and smell the flowers for a while!), but it’s not planned to be “easy”. This is what I appreciate about Pokémon games, therefore I hope this initiative reaches out to others like me.

Take things at your own speed and interact with locals and Pokémon to discover more about the area. You never know what you will find! ~LarkyLovesYou

Please keep in mind that this game is currently in the early beta release stage and requires a lot of playtesters!

Pokémon Lark is a solitary passion project that I’ve been working on for the past three years, albeit this version is a complete relaunch of the previous one. There will be a link to an optional post-playtest survey in the game’s main folder (hosted by Google Forms); filling it out would greatly benefit both my skills as a developer and my enthusiasm to continue working on this project!​

Welcome to the world of Pokémon!

Dive into the quiet land of Regiona, a tranquil peninsula known for its simple naming conventions! Within this land, the inhabitants cherish their deep connections with Pokémon, whether through battles, competitions, or simply companionship. You have complete control over how you navigate and interact with this region!

Begin your trip as a youthful citizen of Stardina Town, an up-and-coming community just off the usual road.​

Current Features

  • 🌸24 available Starter Pokémon! 🌸
  • 🌻 3 unique towns/cities, including 1 Gym Leader (rematchable daily)🌻
  • 🌺 5 Accessible Routes and 3 other, non-route locations.🌺
  • 🪻 Time-based interaction events with major characters (yes, the Gym Leaders actually leave their gyms!) 🪻
  • 🌸 A new, improved Region Map (though its contents are still subject to change)!🌸
  • 🌻Major characters’ ace Pokémon are nicknamed so they’re harder to identify in Switch Mode.🌻
  • 🌺The ability to pet (or un-pet) cute Pokémon for flavor text!🌺
  • 🪻Interacting with a Pokémon in the overworld marks it as “seen” in your Pokédex!🪻
  • 🌸 The ability to rename Pokémon in the menu, or change their Pokéballs from the Bag!🌸
  • 🌻Loosely customizable player outfits!🌻
  • 🌺251 Unique Pokémon from Gens 1-8 (and counting!)🌺

Friendly Faces!

As you travel through Regiona, you’ll meet a variety of eccentric people that have something to talk about. Expect to meet a pair of fiery twins from the adjacent town who will be your main adversaries. While some encounters with them are unavoidable, the majority are entirely up to you to seek out (or accidentally miss if you aren’t nosing around)!

Meet Liv!

Liv - Pokemon Lark

Liv (short for Olivia) is a shy, smart girl who is currently the professor’s favorite (and only) assistant. She’ll be in charge of giving you your first Pokémon, and while she’s not much of a battler, she and her partner Eevee will be valuable allies throughout your adventure. And perhaps, as she gets to know you, she’ll gain confidence in herself…?​

Meet Leo!

Leo - Pokemon Lark

Leo (short for Leon) is a quirky, outgoing boy whose goal is to make many Pokémon friends on his journey and become strong together. He and his Deino are formidable opponents, but he’s a softie at heart who wants nothing more than to push you to your maximum potential (even if he may be awkward at times). His dedication to the well-being of Pokémon is unparalleled.​

And… others?

You may encounter some nasty characters on your travels.

A new gang known as Team Trouble is on the rise, and they’re chasing money, resources, and a mythical Pokémon that hasn’t been seen in generations. Will you fight for the honor of the Pokémon they may injure in the process?

Known Issues

  • Some move animations are off- specifically, certain moves will show their animation in the corner of the screen and not on the Pokémon in question. This appears to be an Essentials issue and not a “me” issue, but I’ll have to look into fixing it.
  • Some time-based events have yet to be playtested, though most of them are optional interactions and shouldn’t interfere with gameplay too much. If there’s something absurdly game or immersion-breaking that I missed, I’ll be sure to patch it out.


“Why is Skitty on the title screen? Is it important?”

  • (Silly Answer) Skitty will always be important in my heart <3.
  • (Professional Answer) Skitty is one of my favorite Pokémon, and it appears really early in the game. I just enjoy it.

“Where does the game get its title?”

“Why do the names of your region/towns suck?”

“How long until the next update / final game / etc?”

“Will there be Fakémon / Regional Forms in this game?”

Future Plans

Long-Term Goals

  • 8 Full Gyms, Elite 4, and Champion, all with custom sprites and unique interactions outside of battle.
    • Before battling a Gym Leader, they will be in their Gym at all times (unless a specific interaction is required to unlock their Gym Fight).​
    • After defeating a Gym Leader, they will be placed on a schedule for unique interactions. This schedule may change throughout the game, depending on how many badges the player has obtained.​
    • There will be at least one opportunity to rematch each Gym Leader before the postgame. These casual rematches are done outside the League’s jurisdiction, and as such, they are not locked to a single type.​
    • After completing the main story, players will be able to rematch each Gym Leader at their full strength.​
  • Full storyline involving Team Trouble and their shenanigans.​
  • A few interactions and battles locked behind the postgame.​
  • Mega Evolution! Late-game bosses and postgame rematches will include Mega Evolved Pokémon, and the player will be able to unlock Mega Evolution as well (though the question of “when” is still undecided).​

Short-Term (Next Game Version) Goals

An additional city, including 1 Gym Leader & her timed events.

  • The new city will be much larger than Fergem, as it’s one of the larger locations in the game.​

The remainder of Token Tunnel, as well as the other half of Route 4​Routes 5, 6, and 8. Potentially part of Route 9 (including the Daycare) also.

  • Route 6 will include several battles against Team Trouble. This is the first time players will see the bad guys.​
  • More Pokémon to obtain in the new routes.​

Some post-gym content, primarily backtracking.​

New timed events for the rivals, which will be locked behind the second Gym Badge.​A couple of new trainer classes, which I’ll probably also release as a free resource.

  • I already have the data for them in the game, they’re just not able to be encountered yet.​

Obtain a Fishing Rod! Because that’s what everybody wants in their Pokémon game! Fishing!​



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