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If you’re looking for all TM & HM locations for Pokemon Radical Red, we’ve got you covered!

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About the game

Pokemon Radical Red is essentially a difficulty hack with additional features, akin to Drayano60’s enhancement hacks, which give you access to almost all of the Pokemon while also adding necessary bonuses.

It includes several fantastic features, including Mega Evolution, Pokemon from Generations 1-8, Dynamax Raid Battles, Hisuian Forms, a much higher difficulty level, and much more!

Pokemon Radical Red All TM & HM Locations


TM### – MoveLocation
TM001 – Focus PunchSaffron City’s Silph Co. 5F
TM002 – Dragon ClawVictory Road 1F
TM003 – Flip TurnCerulean City’s gym, from Místy after defeating her
TM004 – Calm MindRoute 12, in the grassy area below Fisherman’s house (Cut HM required)
TM005 – RoarRoute 4, after Mt. Moon
TM006 – ToxicCeladon City’s Game Corner for $17 500
TM007 – HailVictory Road 2F, near a Juggler
TM008 – Bulk UpSaffron City’s Silph Co. 7F
TM009 – Bullet SeedMt. Moon 1F (west from the entrance)
TM010 – Hidden PowerSaffron City’s Silph Co. 1F
TM011 – Sunny DayFuchsia City’s Safari Zone Area 1: East
TM012 – TauntCeladon City’s Rocket Hideout B2F inside the warp maze
TM013 – Ice BeamCeladon City’s Game Corner for $30 000
TM014 – BlizzardCinnabar Island’s Pokemon Mansion B1F
TM015 – Hyper BeamCannot be found
TM016 – Light ScreenCeladon City’s Game Corner for $17 500
TM017 – ProtectCeladon City’s Game Corner for $15 000
TM018 – Rain DanceRoute 15, above the ledge (Cut HM required)
TM019 – Giga DrainCeladon City’s gym, from Erika after defeating her
TM020 – Hyper VoiceCeladon City’s Game Corner for $15 000
TM021 – FrustrationCeladon City’s Rocket Hideout B3F
TM022 – Solar BeamCinnabar Island’s Pokemon Mansion B1F
TM023 – Iron TailRock Tunnel 1F, from Lavender Town’s side
TM024 – ThunderboltCeladon City’s Game Corner for $30 000
TM025 – ThunderPower Plant, south east corner
TM026 – EarthquakeCerulean Cave 2F, central east area
TM027 – ReturnRoute 12, from a Lass in the northern gate upstairs
TM028 – DigCerulean City, from Team Rocket Grunt
TM029 – PsychicSaffron City, in Mr. Psychic’s house in the south east
TM030 – Shadow BallLavender Town, from Morty after defeating him in Fuji’s house
TM031 – Brick BreakS.S. Anne, 1F, second room from the left
TM032 – Solar BladeFuchsia City’s Safari Zone Area 3: West
TM033 – ReflectCeladon City’s Game Corner for $15 000
TM034 – TeleportRoute 3, in the grassy patch
TM035 – FlamethrowerCeladon City’s Game Corner for $30 000
TM036 – Sludge BombFuchsia City’s gym, from Koga after defeating him
TM037 – SandstormVictory Road 2F
TM038 – Fire BlastCinnabar Island’s gym, from Blaine after defeating him
TM039 – Rock TombPewter City’s gym, from Brock after defeating him
TM040 – Aerial AceRoute 9
TM041 – Dragon DanceSaffron City’s Silph Co. 4F, on a table
TM042 – FacadeRoute 10, east of the exit near Lavender Town
TM043 – DefogRoute 25, in the grassy maze
TM044 – RestDiglett’s Cave (main one)
TM045 – Drain KissRoute 24, on the heightened platform
TM046 – ThiefDiglett’s Cave (the smaller one, accessible before Brock)
TM047 – Steel WingFuchsia City’s Safari Zone Area 2: North
TM048 – Meteor BeamRoute 12, a small islet right below the gate
TM049 – Leech LifeCeladon City’s Rocket Hideout B4F
TM050 – OverheatVictory Road 3F Northwest
TM051 – RoostFrom Falkner after defeating him in Pewter City’s Museum
TM052 – Focus BlastRoute 20, an islet in the middle of the route
TM053 – Energy BallCeladon City’s Game Corner for $25 000
TM054 – Grassy GlideSafari Zone Entrance Area, on a small islet to the north of the entrance
TM055 – Expanding ForceSafari Zone Area 3, on the heightened platform in the south side of the area
TM056 – Hone ClawsCannot be found
TM057 – Charge BeamRoute 2’s eastern side (Cut HM required)
TM058 – Rising VoltageSafari Zone Area 1, north western part of the area
TM059 – Dragon PulseViridian City’s gym, from Clair after defeating her
TM060 – Drain PunchSaffron City’s Dojo, from Chuck after defeating him
TM061 – Will-O-WispLavender Town’s Pokémon Tower, 6F
TM062 – Silver WindRoute 7’s grass patch
TM063 – VenoshockRoute 6, in the north western corner
TM064 – ExplosionCeladon City’s Game Corner for $15 000
TM065 – Shadow ClawCeladon City’s Game Corner for $25 000
TM066 – Steel BeamPostgame – Two Island, close to the Game Corner
TM067 – PoltergeistVictory Road 2F, south side of the floor
TM068 – Giga ImpactCannot be found
TM069 – Rock PolishS.S. Anne
TM070 – Triple AxelSeafoam Islands B1F, heightened platform in the middle of the floor
TM071 – Stone EdgePewter City’s gym, from Brock after defeating him in a rematch
TM072 – Draco BarragePostgame – Viridian City, from Claire after beating her in a rematch
TM073 – Thunder WaveSaffron City’s Silph Co. 2F
TM074 – Gyro BallCeladon City’s Game Corner for $20 000
TM075 – Swords DanceCeladon City’s Game Corner for $20 000
TM076 – Stealth RockCinnabar Island’s Pokémon Mansion 3F
TM077 – Flame ChargeRoute 24
TM078 – Low SweepMt. Moon’s basement floor, accessed from the third ladder on the first floor
TM079 – Dark PulseCeladon City’s Game Corner for $30 000
TM080 – Rock SlideRock Tunnel B1F, from a youngster in the room with multiple crossroads
TM081 – X-ScissorViridian Forest (Rock Smash HM required)
TM082 – Sleep TalkCeladon City’s Game Corner for $15 000
TM083 – ScaldCeladon City’s Game Corner for $25 000
TM084 – Poison JabCeladon City’s Game Corner for $25 000
TM085 – Future SightRoute 13, in front of a Picknicker
TM086 – Grass KnotCeladon City’s gym, from Erika after helping her gloom
TM087 – SwaggerCerulean City’s Pokémart for $5 000
TM088 – PluckCerulean City’s Pokémart for $5 000
TM089 – U-TurnRoute 25’s east end, from Bugsy after defeating him
TM090 – SubstituteFuchsia City, from a bug catcher standing near Kangaskhan
TM091 – Flash CannonCeladon City’s Game Corner for $25 000
TM092 – Volt SwitchVermilion City’s gym, from Lt. Surge after defeating him
TM093 – Dragon TailCeladon City’s Game Corner for $15 000
TM094 – Scale ShotPostgame – One Island, Mt. Ember
TM095 – Cosmic PowerPostgame – Three Island, Berry Forest by using Surf
TM096 – BulldozeRoute 5
TM097 – Frost BreathPostgame – Seafoam Islands, in the Sandshrew race area
TM098 – Work UpRoute 11
TM099 – Wild ChargeRoute 10, left of the Power Plant’s exit
TM100 – Dual WingbeatRoute 16, north western part of the route
TM101 – Power-Up PunchRoute 4 , the left Black Belt
TM102 – Dazzling GleamCeladon City’s Game Corner for $30 000
TM103 – Sludge WavePostgame – Rock Tunnel’s entrance near Power Plant
TM104 – PsyshockHardcore mode-exclusive – Saffron City’s gym, from Sabrina after defeating her
TM105 – Brutal SwingCannot be found
TM106 – AcrobaticsRoute 8
TM107 – ??
TM108 – SnarlCerulean City’s Pokémart for $5 000
TM109 – SuperpowerPower Plant, from Dumbass trainer in the central room
TM110 – Scorching SandsCeladon City’s Game Corner for $12 500
TM111 – Smack DownCerulean City’s Pokémart for $5 000
TM112 – Misty ExplosionPostgame – One Island, Mt. Ember, from a Hiker
TM113 – SpikesCannot be found
TM114 – Heat CrashRoute 17
TM115 – Body PressCerulean Cave
TM116 – Trick RoomUnavailable in Hardcore Mode – Saffron City’s gym, from Sabrina after defeating her
TM117 – Brave BirdCeladon City’s hotel, after getting Mega Ring and beating some folks there
TM118 – Aurora VeilCannot be found
TM119 – Sky DropCannot be found
TM120 – Nature PowerCannot be found


HM## – MoveLocation
HM01 – CutS.S. Anne, from the Captain in his room
HM02 – FlyRoute 16, from a girl in the house in the top left corner of the route
HM03 – SurfSafari Zone Area 3, from the guy inside the northern Rest House
HM04 – StrengthFuchsia City, from Warden in the south-eastern house after giving him Gold Teeth
HM05 – FlashRoute 2, from Professor Oak’s scientist in the eastern gate
HM06 – Rock SmashFuchsia City, from Brendan after defeating him in front of Safari zone’s entrance
HM07 – WaterfallPostgame – From an old man on Island One, in the Ember Spa

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